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violets, December 7, 2012 -- Michigan

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Oh, Schutkleur, I so appreciate your wish for me. ; ) I wish that too, but some years we don't get snow, unfortunately. And yes, the violets are really pretty.


The violets are beautiful, Roseheather.
But I really hope for you that you will have winter soon.
Would be nice to have a white Christmas !!


Thank you, PLG.

There is some snow predicted, north of I-96, which runs from the east part of the state through Grand Rapids to the Holland area. But that snow is only to be about an inch or so, and will be in the northwest part of the state, around Muskegon and that general area. That is supposed to come in late Sunday or sometime on Monday.

I think we are in perpetual spring/summer mode, here. Not the temperatures I prefer for December. ; )


Lovely violets. Our ground is brown right now, but we're supposed to get a snowstorm Sunday. Don't know if your weather is supposed to change too or not. I hope you'll get some wintry weather soon!