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My drive today took me past Church Bay in Southampton on the south shore. Beautiful snorkeling area.
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Such a beautiful spot. I envy you, Robbie. I live in the desert where open water is hard to come by. Thanks for the cooling photo :)


Yes BK, you're right.
I feel for you Francine, our AC is going 24/7 and even the seawater looks murky and warm! Take care!


Absolutely gorgeous.

I thought of you this morning, well actually what you once wrote about Bermuda. Some of your Canadian friends were visiting you during high humidity time and the sheets felt wet to them. We've been having sweltering conditions lately and today the humidity is awful. No one outdoors or doing yard work.


It would be a joy to snorkel in that beautiful water.


Thanks COden!


Its a beauty of a spot...


Thank you Ardy and Suzy! Yes a long time ago Suzy. Yes dad did find a few nice shells here. We live at the other end of the island and had all our favourite holes for lobsters and shoals for spearing favourite fish. Roughly 15 miles away. No need to come all the way up here back then. (The 50s and early 60s.)


Questions!!! My hand is raised, sir!!! I have a few questions!!!!
Have you gone snorkeling in this magical spot?
Is this the type of place where your dad would collect his wonderful shells?
How far would this be from your house?

Thank you for taking us along on your drive, kind sir. :)


Looks like a painting. So beautiful. Thanks, Robbie.


Thank you Jill, Marilyn, gem, Kirsten, Dil and Shian. If you don't swim, I have the boat. I guess my camera skill is improving!


Another gorgeous area of Bermuda, I don't believe there are any areas that aren't, Thanks, Porgy.


The photo itself is an art, Robbie, looks like a painting. TFS?


WOW! Gorgeous coloured water, Robbie. Would love to have a snorkel here! (❛ᴗ❛)


Makes me wish that I could swim.


This reminds me of an Impressionist painting.


The colour of the sea and its clearness look wonderful. Thanks porgy

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