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Wish This Were Mine!

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Put this in the castle quartina!


I loved your kitchen puzzle, quartina and wish you had it. I have a big kitchen but it's red and green...watermelon red though and sort of a "coke bottle" green. I have laminate countertops because I wanted a "Crayon color" and I have white porcelain sinks and white appliances, no stainless. I posted a puzzle earlier this evening of my red Kitchenaid mixer with a spider cake server. It doesn't give the true colors but you get the idea. I don't have to do much to decorate it for Christmas, just add the homemade food! Carole

Ellasnana also does some smaller ones at CKCarolyn. Sorry I should have mentioned that earlier. I'm also with you 100% on the return to homier kitchens in the future.


Seabird . . . I just checked out "ellasnana" puzzles . . . yes, they are GORGEOUS, but way too big for me! My computer chair is so uncomfortable I can't last for much more than 100 pieces!

Oh Quartina, I'm right there with you too. For more wonderful kitchen puzzles, see ellasnana if you haven't already. She does large puzzles, but just seeing them is a treat.


Oh, here's our messages . . . not on the other puzzle!
I have a theory that in 20-30 years, everyone will want to rip out the stainless steel and granite and go back to Formica and painted wooden cabinets!
Let's not get so quaint that we go back to "ice boxes" tho!


Well I just slapped myself for opening my mouth before knowing the facts!!!! AGAIN!!! Now I understand and fully agree with you. I don't like granite either although I have Corian now. I still think Formica tops are the best, they have give and feel alive but my wife thinks I am loony! I went through the SS phase but now have white, looks better and cleans better.

SO quartina, I wish this was yours too!!


I remember these tiny spaces in apartment buildings. Now I live in the round & have a glorious view of our yarden & the road & pastures beyond out of my kitchen window.


Hahahaha! I know . . . . but I go for quaint rather than stainless steel and granite countertops. It puts me more in the mood to make good, old-fashioned home cooking!
But . . . .since we live in senior housing, and our kitchen is more like a galley on a not-very-big boat, I'm just dreaming!


Hang on quartina before you get hasty. If you are up-grading think of useful space in the kitchen. That door is a hindrance and hardly leaves room for the table let alone seating. The icebox door swings out the wrong way causing another hindrance. Doesn't look like much counter space and the room is dark. I really like the rooster though!!
Now that I probably annoyed you, let me say that this was a very enjoyable puzzle and thank you!!

I'll take one, too. I need one in XXXL, please. lol