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Variety's Spice--Frazzled (Smaller)

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Sort of like a big cracker/popper--the kind with strings on each end that you pull, and there's a loud bang, and you get lots of little trinkets? That would be fun--or it could be a pinata, too! The outside lines do look like something is about to burst! Thanks, PJ!


How enjoyable! Pat you're wonderful - it's a marvel that you are back on Jigidi, only a bit frazzled...To me it looked like a surprise cake going to explode - sending us all kinds of goodies (left-overs from your festivites),


Thanks, Wendy!


Very cool, Pat!


Uh, that's close enough.........


Ah yes...I understand became a tree!.....


Thanks so much, Barb and Jill--I guess I was projecting my emotional state onto LunaPic--and isn't that the most appropriate name for a site for me?!!! A phoenix is a lovely image, thanks!

Have you ever heard of static electricity, and seen what it does to your hair, Lela? I think that there was a super abundance of it recently, due to all the trees rubbing against each other as they fell, and that's what did it to me... :-)


There must be a deep subconscious meaning to this - no electricity during all that time, yet you somehow managed to get frazzled......


Wow, fabulous, Pat! Such beauty after such a trial you are probably still enduring.....remings me of the Phoenix rising from the ashes!


Like the others say, no surprise at your being frazzled, Pat. I think you've done well to keep your sanity after all that's happened in the last few weeks.
Love the puzzle, thanks. :-)


Thanks so much, Mandy, Ardy, and Jan! I just kept making really many-sided (13, mostly, ending in 12, to make it symmetrical) kaleidos of my other puzzle, because I loved the way it wiggled the edges! And yes, this is a good representation of my state the past two weeks! There are even exclamation points all around! LOL!


Frazzled and fun! I like this one a LOT, Pat! Thanks so much!
I think the "frazzled" adds a nice dimension.


This may be frazzled but it's beautiful. makes me think of you and how frazzled you must have been especially these past two weeks and yet you continue to produce such beauty. Thank you< Pat. I really LOVE this one and you. Warm Hugs.


I'm not surprised its frazzled - trying to keep an eye on those of us who roam the wilds of Jigidi is enough to frazzle anything!!! Thanks Pat.