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Mailboxes (Smaller)

48 pieces
135 solves
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Since these are my mailboxes, and I live in NY, the only place they could be located that might possibly have a King's Highway is Kings County, also known as Brooklyn. No one there would mutter that mutter, or any mutter, for that matter. They would shout: "Move it, bud, or youse gonna get yer a** kicked! " So I think your story is apocryphal, mistaken, made-up, possibly even maybe untrue as well....




I was trying to deliver an urgent letter!......
And as these appear to be the only mailboxes in jigidiland, or swirlyland, or wherever we are, I thought this was the best place to bring it.......There just happened to be a portly (well, fat) gentleman blocking the King's Highway, muttering something about "Must post my comment, Must post my comment"........


Excuse me (gasp) while I stop choking (cough) with laughter over the vision (snort) of that pony express fellow!!! Oh, my! And to think that he's been blaming my puzzles that he claimed looked like mailboxes for his delivery problems, when all along he's the one who's been messing with the service!

Thanks, Robbie! LOL! :-)))


Rats, I thought I left a comment hours ago PD, that darned post button again!! Well I went to post you a thank you note and a pony express messenger with enormous ears, short legs and a silly bag over his shoulder just knocked me down and left me laying in a cloud of dust!! Well, I said thank you for the puzzle, it was fun.


Thanks so much, Ank and Mimi! You're getting faster, Mimi--I remember when it would take you two weeks! LOL!


Absolutely great puzzle Pat, but hard for me - about 10 hours hard work!


Fun just fun. Love it Pat.


Lela, you are a true gem to be thinking so far ahead--at least now you can slow down a bit and post them at your leisure. Besides, that will make it easier for the postal workers to sort and carry them...

Thanks, kittenlove, Katie, and Ardy--yes, it will be nice not to have to fish them out of strange places, like breadboxes and toasters and CD players and anything else that has a slot and can be mistaken--at least by people with vivid imaginations--for mailboxes...!


So nice that Lela finally has a place to mail his cards and letters so you don't have to keep fishing them out of strange places. Thanks, Pat. This is a fun puzzle.


It's so considerate of you to offer accomodation for all sizes of mail!

Very interesting and love the colors.....thank you


The thing is, I'm already writing the cards for next Christmas.....just to make sure they arrive on there'll be loads more.......


YES!!! I was going to come back and post a comment for you when I got done putting up the new puzzles! These are all ready and waiting for you--mail/post/offload away! :-)))


I cannot believe my ears!!...
Are you telling me that I can really offload all my old Christmas cards?.........