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Dad's shell collection - Bermuda.

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Hi all, I am back on line after almost two weeks!! Sorry but we started having intermittent problems and then complete shutdown. Back on line today and problems solved.....Hopefully!

For those who want more pieces, choose a puzzle or if you want me to put a new one on just say.


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Thanks Healer, glad you enjoyed them.


Thank you for your information! It's been fascinating!


Thanks Francine, I see you found Wendy Tucker's blurb on dad and Arthur. She was curator of the institute until last month when she retired. Her father Teddy Tucker is a well known local diver responsible for finding many sunken ships and treasures around Bermuda and has been on several National Geographic dives.
Hi Celeste, thanks.


So awesome Robbie


that was the aforementioned article.


Thanks, Robbie, for that info. Am visiting that link - so impressive - wanted to tell you I still prefer your photos (the personal touch).


If you google "" and type "bermuda underwater institute" in his search box, you will see a lot of very good photos of dad's collection. I found it by accident today!


Thanks again you all, I really appreciate your interest. I am sorry I cannot answer individually, I don't have as much time now. I will have to make another trip to the collection, I wasn't expecting such a response, I have more photos but will try and get more individual ones. Thanks Francine, I'm going to show a sign with names so for anyone interested in looking up for more info it will be under Jack Lightbourn shell collection.


that is an impressive collection. beautiful. glad to see you back.


Robbie would you be able to post some of the large shells, the one's on the bottom shelf to the left. Thank you Robbie.


I love all size shells but kinda favour the large one's, beautiful display, Thanks Robbie.


Thanks for the info, Robbie. Amazing - and your father is pretty special to have accomplished this (not to mention creative in his work around Bermuda!).


Robbie, thanks for info. Found an internet site and read more. All thanks to your great-grandfather. Quite impressive!
"... L's foreign collections now consisted of 5,000 species, of which 20 percent were collected in foreign places such as the Caribbean, New Caledonia, Hawaii, Guam and the Philippines. The remainder was acquired by purchase and trading....".
[you know all that, silly me - simply letting you know I found article interesting.]


Thank you for the is truly a glorious banister to have on display.......


Great information, Robbie. Thank you, and please thank your dad...the world needs more generous people like your dad...and more fun people like you!


Welcome back Robbie missed you.... gorgeous collection...


Awesome collection, mate!!
I am glad that all is well with you!


Hi all my friends and thank you very much for your good wishes. I don't have a lot of time so I will type a general thank you for all your comments and answer questions generally. My dad is 87. He retired at 65 after working in the Bank of Bermuda for 50 years. He started collecting shells when he was 11 and found them while diving and fishing. Over the years he became more serious and collected world shells on his many trips for the bank. He both dived for them but bought many from dealers and fishermen. Eventually he bought a 32ft lobster boat in Maine and had it rigged with a large winch and davit and started setting special designed 'traps' in 1200ft off the south shore of Bermuda. He also started dredging and eventually he and his shelling partner ended up finding over 200 species of shells never recorded in Bermuda before and they found 10 shells new to science of which 6 were named after them. Dad was interested in larger shells and his partner was interested in micro shells, so they formed a firm friendship. His partner Arthur Guest died years ago and left his shell collection to the Bermuda Aquarium. My dad gave the bulk of his collection to the Bermuda Underwater and Exploration Institute which is a museum here in Bermuda and where I took these pictures. He ended up with about 5000 species of which one of each are displayed here. They were displayed in a special room in his house for many years but just ran out of room. It was a lot of fun because we would meet visitors from all over the world who heard about his collection and found the house. Today he has a few shells on display at the house and the rest of his collection went to a collector in California. He is a member of the Conchologists of America and still attends meetings in Sanibel and shell shows around the Atlantic states. ( I am pretty sure that I found some very rare ones myself, but of course dad would never acknowledge that!!!!!!!!!........Heh, heh.)

The banister is mahogany. I am still getting in BIG TROUBLE!! To help keep your shell colour from fading give them a coating of baby oil once or twice a year and keep direct light off them. ( Not easy if you are displaying!)


Terrific to have you back Robbie!! Thanks for showing more of this fabulous collection - it's very impressive!!


I think we are all heaving great sighs of relief that your problems were computer-related, and not something more serious. It is hard to get along without a computer, but there are times when I seriously want to shove mine over a cliff. Exquisite shells, by the way, and an extraordinary collection.


Oh, goody! You're back Robbie! You were missed - for your fantastic photos and your sharp wit! Happy to see more of your Dad's collection. I like the little owl made from shells in the commercial use display.


Is this a professional or an amateur collection - i.e. are shells related to what your father did or does for a living? Or did he amass this collection just because he was interested? It's darned impressive either way. Does he have a system for keeping the shells from fading? I noticed that within a few months, the shells I brought back from the Bahamas were losing color.


Is this collection on display in your dad's home? It's museum worthy, for sure. good to have you back...not that we were concerned or anything!!!


How wonderful to see you here again, indeed you have been missed!! Am I glad to hear that your problems might be solved!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Wow, incredible collection.


Missed you and your fantastic puzzles. Welcome back....Donna


Welcome back, Robbie. :~) What a wonderful collection showcasing your father's endeavours. You must all be proud.


Simply,...A Beautiful collection. Thanks for posting Robbie


Robbie, I didn't see this one until I came on your profile just now. This has to be the most beautiful display of shells I've ever seen in person or anywhere. So glad it was only computer problems. Thanks for sharing all this with us.


Hi Robbie, glad to see you again. Happy that there are no problems with you or Jenny.


Glad to see you back! And, especially to see more of your Dad's shells! Thanks, Robbie!!


I thought it was that Triangle thing again! Good to see you, Robbie!


Good to see you back.......(Granny thought you had been kidnapped!)..........Lovely banister - is it mahogany?......


Welcome back Mate:)


welcome back my friend have missed U and was wondering what was going on but now I know and am happy to see U back


Welcome back to the land of puzzle fanatics! This is an impressive collection. Could we see some more close-up shots of these shells?


This is so outstanding. You must feel great pride in his work. Thanks for sharing.


Wonderful collection! How many years did it take your Dad to acquire his collection? I imagine that's something you might have done together.


Glad you're back safe and sound...and online! :D


Aha, it's good to know that you weren't missing because you were IN BIG TROUBLE!!!!! LOL! Beautiful display--is this in the same exhibit area as the other one you posted? Lovely!


WOW!!! What a great collection. Thank you and glad your back on line.


Hi Robbie,I am just so glad you are ok.Great puzzle too.


This looks like it's in a museum or something. Is this a private collection? Did he collect them?


What an awsome collection Robbie! I am glad to see you are back. It is very worrisome when one of our jigidi friends disappears for a very long time.