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Kaleidos made from ...... Humbugs!! ~ Small

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I made these kaleidoscopes from freely available images of humbugs. I use a variety of programs to make my kaleidoscopes, recolour the backgrounds and assemble them into a collage. Each collage takes around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)

And a message to my regular solvers - our Daylight Savings Time finishes on Saturday night here in Melbourne, Australia, so from Sunday my puzzles will be posted an hour later than they currently are. Until October, anyway! LOL


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Ah, I see Gwen! And no need for apologies - that's often how conversations go here! I had no expectations of a reply. So we're all good. And how interesting that you get you liquorice from good ol' Oz! I wouldn't have thought that we were the liquorice capital of the world! I would have thought Holland was - although now that I say that, I think they have that salted one - which to my palate is a bit strange. Well, okay, a LOT strange. LOL


Sorry to be so late in checking back in on this thread. I didn't mean to give the idea that there is a shortage of licorice. It is just not popular in the US. As a matter of fact, the one I like to buy, when I can find it, is from Australia. A few stores also carry Allsorts, but not regularly.


I really like the red too, Rosie! And it's probably just as well that you don't like liquorice! It's proven very popular, and I don't think there's much left to share. LOL And I'm not sure what you call humbugs there. Maybe boiled to hard candy?


These are really gorgeous and love the black but my fave is the red. And the backgrounds are magnificent and different. I am going to have to google humbugs as I don't know what they are but if they are some kind of candy everyone can have the licorice----yuk--anise flavor doesn't appeal. Thanks for another great puzzle. Rosie


Hello again, Pat! I was just having a lovely ol' chat with you over on the tiny one! LOL


And moving on up....


Thanks Gwen!! Somehow I thought the orange might be right up there for you. :))) And how funny that there are TWO types of cats in the one kaleido! Weird!! LOL


You're most welcome leet. :)))


Just as well you're prepared to share Gwen! There's a LOT of people wanting a piece of the liquorice one!! :)))

And I'm sorry to hear that the good stuff is in short supply there. How strange! I'm sure it's not the case here, although having said that I haven't gone out looking for it in a long time.


These are lovely Kirsten. Needless to say the orange one is my favourite, especially as looking at the thumbnail above there are cats looking at me. At the top they look like siamese and at the bottom, persians. I think there are some funny looking little ice hockey players around the outer edge of the red segment.

Thanks for the puzzle.....


Dibs on the licorice! I will share.

Licorice, or rather good licorice, is hard to come by in the States.


Good for both of us that there's no camera Edie! My laptop is on my knee, so I look down at it. I'm sure that would mean that I would have about 10 chins! LOLOL


Well at least I'm dressed now. The only ones that I would steal are the butterscotch, if that's what they are. And in the finished puzzles it has little teddy bears around the outer circle. Looking forward to seeing you 1 hour later. At least I won't be appearing as disheveled as I have been in the past. Good thing we're not on camera when we solve. LOL


Wakey, wakey Edie!! And these are actually four different kaleidos from four different images. They just hung together well, I thought. Glad you found it delicious too, but, ummmmm, Edie, you didn't eat my puzzle did you? LOL


I had heard of humbugs but I only remember them in one flavour. I've only been awake about two minutes so not quite with it here. Amazing how you managed four totally different images from the same item. The black one is really pretty. Thank you Kirsten these are truly delicious.


Thanks Gwen! It was fun playing with this background! But I spent waaaaaaay more time on it than I should have! Ah well. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. :)))


Wow!!! These are a different and fresh. They look like bowls made from candy. The backgrounds complement the designs beautifully. Thank you for the Friday special.


I'm still here, Barb. And I love liquorice flavour too! So does Ardy. We were just chatting about that, over on the tiny one. And I really like the pattern that came through in that black one too. You're right, I don't usually use black, but it works well in this set, I think.

And I think that an hour later (until others go on to DST anyway) will work well too for a posting time. I'll probably get to catch up with people I don't usually see until 24 hours later. Although I'll personally miss our DST. I love having a light evening. And don't care if the morning is dark. Ah, well. What can I do?

And I've just been over at your place, having a LOVELY time! :)))


Yea for humbugs! I'll take the bottom right for flavour, assuming it's licorice. Actually, I rather like the pattern of the black one too, and it's a colour I don't think you use as a rule.
I've probably missed you as I slept in a bit this morning so I'll be quite happy when you start posting an hour later. Sweet dreams, Kirsten. :-)


Oh, sorry Gail! I think you might call them hard or boiled candy? And it's still Friday here - it's around 9 pm. So I'll be posting tomorrows (Saturdays) puzzle at my normal time, and then Sundays 1 hour later than I currently do. Which I'm thinking could be a little too late for you, as it will be about 3:30 am for you! But then again, you do keep extraordinary hours! LOL Nighty, night. :)))


You're still there, Ardy! I'm glad you're enjoing the Friday suprises. And I'm loking forward to tomorrow too. I know what I'm going to make my puzzle out of, and can't wait to get stuck in! Hope to see you then! ((HUGS))


I had to look up what humbugs were. They look delicious, Kirsten, and I'm ready for some now, but it's too late to go to the store. Lovely puzzle this Friday (your Saturday). Enjoy your evening. I'm getting tired and probably won't be up long unless I get a second wind.


Fastest person sign on this one. Rewards for being up early!!! I won't be by the time I finish and post this comment. Still delicious, Kirsten. Thank you. Love these Friday surprises. Enjoy your Jigidi Day. I'll have more later. It's not good to have too many sweets at once you know. Have the best sleep with even better dreams. Loving ((HUGS)).