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A mix of old and new :)) II

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213 solves
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Hi Jan, I'm just back from your place after a long evening in Jigidi :)))).
I suppose the bunny doesn't really suit, but without it the whole thing was just too boring, the "smile element" was missing. LOL I'm sure you smiled at the funny guy even while you were shaking your head looking a the incongruous composition. LOL
Thanks for dropping by and your always welcome comments. :))


Easter Bunny? Did he wander in off another puzzle? Well, his colors blend very well, so I will tolerate a rushing of the seasons! LOL. Very fun puzzle, Dagmar. I love the left column and the right column the most! thanks for taking the time to combine such fun images!!


If I could make you smile, Hanne, I just managed the effect I wanted with the puzzle. :))))


Yes Leet, I thought the Easter Bunny went wonderfully with all the psychedelic colours LOL. Thanks for your visit, it's always nice to see you around. :))


Wonderful, you can't help smiling veeeery much!! Thanks so very much Dagmar, and have a nice weekend!!

Fascinating choices...thank you,