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Off Kilter

100 pieces
221 solves
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Yes, indeedy, Pat. They are twinkling at you silly lady. :-)

Laughing aloud. Mandy, I begin responding to the first comment first, and then read the next comment moving up, and respond to that (most of the time). So now I see that they're twinkling at you too. How come they didn't twinkle at me?

whatnauts, how can I respond to your comment in like fashion? Will whatnauts wield words which warrant wise Wendy words?


Fabulous foursome forcing frivolous and fantastic fun :))))))


Pat is right, it's twinkling at me too!!! How amazing!! I'll have to do another one now, because I'll never sleep with these twinkles going on... thanks Wendy :~)


OMG, it's twinkling at me!!!!!!!!!!!! Fabulous, Wendy! :-)))))