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American Gothic - He Smiles!!!

80 pieces
45 solves
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Yes, a few more & hopefully they'll all be fun!!! :))))

Yes, I really do and I'm very intrigued by the "creativity". The creator/creators really think outside the box.... LOL. I hope you have more of them to come Joyce. :-))


Hi Kari ~ I didn't realize you enjoyed these parodies. It's fun seeing what crazy things people come up with. :)))))))

Scary stuff!.... LOL. Thanks for another funny one Joyce! :-))


Hi All ~ Yes Jim, be very careful what you say. LOL Gee Lela, I don't know .... maybe she tickled him!! :)))) His name is Anthony Hopkins, a movie actor who starred in the movie, ''Silence of the Lambs'' of which this AG parody is of. :)))))))

Do I have to know the name of this nice man ?


Mrs.Bugosi is standing right behind me..........(I wonder why he's smiling?).........