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Buddy wash :-)

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You're welcome, Sissel. Have a wonderful Sunday, too.


A wonder all around the world I guess Willy. Thanks so much :-))))

I am glad you like it Janet. Hugs :-)))))

Thank you so much for the laugh PW and have a nice sunday :-))))


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I’m a big fan of whiteboards. I find them quite re-markable.

Q: What did the gym coach say to the cat?
A: Have you paid your annual fleas?

Q. How do dog catchers get paid?
A. By the pound!


What a cute puzzle thanks Sissel, hugs to you. ♥♥


I always wonder where the other sock goes to.


Thanks Djp and Sharon for coming by and commenting :-))))


It is so frustrating to have all those unmatchable pairs left over!! I guess it is our offering to the laundry Gods. When the kids were little and wore smaller socks, I put the socks in a net bag for laundering lingerie and that kept them together in washer and driyer. Nowadays, all our socks are way too big for that.


There was a company on Shark Tank the other day that was beginning to sell a clip that would hold them together.

I showed this to my dog Buddy, and he ran away barking NO !


Or sew them together before Neville :-)))) Thank you so much

I hope you got sleeping Bunny. Thanks so much :-))))

Thanks so much Ellen :-))))

Good I don't have a dryer PW. I use the fresh air outside (The blow of God) :-) He blow rather much these weeks


Dryers are almost as guilty as washers at losing 1 sock. TFS, Sissel. Loved it.


Cute cartoon!

ulangariver, They already have. I've seen them advertised somewhere. Thank you Sissel for a morning laugh here in Calif. USA. 3:00 am. Couldn't sleep. Bunny


Sissel, someone will invent a "buddy clip" one day, so that they stay together DURING the wash. ♥♥♥♥♥♥


Thanks John. I think we all knows :-))))


we have a "sock basket" here. unmatched socks get tossed in the basket, & every once in a while they will get matched & put away. there always seems to be 10 or more socks when we finish :-) lol


Good morning Lia and thanks for the laugh :-))))


I wish my socks had had such instructions when they were young….. !!