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Thursday's Purple Flowers*

64 pieces
362 solves
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Ardy, I'm glad you found the pink one. LOL!

whatnauts, and so are you! ;-)


Wendy, you're such a tease!


Maybe no purple but there is a lovely pink one. Thank you, Wendy.


Oh, Mary, you're right! I will make some purple flowers....and I'll try to remember to make them for tomorrow. I don't know about your idea for the title of this particular one. I can't visualize the dance steps at all. LOL


Oh, I'm so glad I went back and checked the puzzles of my Favorites! I look at the 60 and under puzzles so I have to be careful not to miss any flowers. Of course, the dance for these is the Nah-nah-nah-nah-boo-boo They're Ain't No Purple Dance which involves much childlike making of faces between movements! 8:40 Thanks, Wendy, but I think you owe the PFC a purple flower sometime! LOL


Mandy, let's be clear about this. You are just as naughty as I am. ;-)

Barb, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

mariasha, YES! hehehe again.

was the hehehe for the fact that these weren't purple...I'm a little slow in the morning...but I did it.


I agree, Wendy, very nice puzzle and fun to solve. :-)


LOL - It took me a while to find the link to the asterisk.... naughty Wendy ;~))


I'm so glad you think so, oldiepumpkin. And thanks so much for dropping by to tell me. I rather like them myself. :-)


this is very pretty. Thanks for the flowers!