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Shiny Baubles!

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76 solves
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Not ALL of the wine, Edie. I have a few bottles hidden in my cellar. And I am NOT telling where it is!!! LOL

Gail - I laugh at your remarks, but not the reality. I remember being able to jump up from a sitting position not using hands. Now, I find I need several pairs of hands to CRAWL up! Oh well! :)


Hi Jan, just found this buried in bookmarks. The image you described gave me a good laugh. I'd be right down there on the floor with you, calling 911 and saying "help, we've fallen and can't get up"...


Shiny baubles, in the wine...I love that Don Ho song. LOL. However I see aliens here who have come down in their space capsules to drink all of our wine. Another great one Jan. Thanks


Lindsay - your visions are fun, as usual. Your compliment was a bit over the top, though!! You even made me blush and say "Aw shucks!" Thank you! (giggling)

Gail - when I worked at the Fitness resort, we always worked out to that song. When you mentioned it, I immediately wanted to get down on the floor and start doing the fake rowing machine moves. Of course I came to my senses quickly. I would never have been able to get back up! ROFL!!


Now you have me singing "Shining Star" from Earth, Wind & Fire...


MARVELOUS JAN! Little levitating cars in the petal peaks and little men in space suites around the center. And the background reminds me of funhouse mirrors. The combination of colors here is fantastic. But what else are we to expect from someone with your talents. THANKS.


Ardy - I like the bubbles, too. But, you're right, the sunshine does set it off. Thanks so much!

Libby - You are very sweet! Thank you so much!!!

Diane - I am thrilled that you enjoyed it!! Thanks.

I can even sing it, Mimi! (My mom taught me well!)


"Baubles, bangles and bright shiny beads" Remember that? :)


MAJESTIC !!This is a very enjoyable puzzle. Thank you. DIANE FROM N.J.


Yup, what everyone else said below!!! Gorgeous, thanks Jan ;-)))


I like shiny baubles, Jan. I like the sunshine that's coming from behind the center.. Lovely colors and good 3D. I'm enjoying it. Thanks.


Janine - So glad you enjoyed this truly was fun to put together! Thank you!!!

Hester - I find these colors both sunny and soothing. I'm so glad they are favorites of yours, too. Thanks! :D


You can't go wrong with this colour combo, Jan and you have made a fabulous puzzle with them! Love it! :-)

WOW !!! I really love this design, Jan......beautiful colors together. Thanks. Janine :-)))


Thanks so much, Katie! I like these colors - It seems I am wearing them all the time!!


Stunning colors and design Jan!