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Well Look At This LOL

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Surprise, surprise!!!! This is Sophia, Bella, and my husband, all three in his recliner and all three sound asleep LOL They did not know that they were being photographed :-) Sophia claims my husband and she sticks to him like velcro. Since the puppies arrival, she too has not been herself. But is slowly coming out of the shadows. She just had to have some me time with her beloved and caved in even though Bella was in his lap also. I even saw Bella chewing on Sophia's tail before all three of them fell into dreamland LOL


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Jana, you are most welcome my dear :-) So glad to be able to share it with everybody :-)


I love this dreamland, thank you very much Kathy :-))))


Mandy :-)))))))


Kathy, what a wonderful tribute, to Jigidi, your husband and to God. It seems that God hasn't stopped using tiny helpless creatures to come into our world and change hearts!! Thanks for posting it :~)


I am THANKFUL for soooooooooooo many things!!!!!!!! I stumbled into Jigidi not so long ago. Not only has Callie Lou found a community filled with support, well wishes, wisdom, sharing, caring, tips and warmth, it has become so evident to me too :-)))))))))) I am so thankful for Jigidi and all of its wonderful people. What a great way for everyone to start off the new year. I am thrilled to have been part of Calli Lou's and her brothers life and the oppertunity to share it with the world. For such tiny pups, they have indeed traveled all around the world. The love that wasn't there from their beginning has now been multiplied beyond count and we all embrace their future with high hopes. I am so greatful for Libby welcoming Callie into her home and heart!!!!! My husband stands tall in my eyes for all that he has done for these little guys. His very first emergency trip to the vets office to find something to combat the fleas, another trip that night for oatmeal shampoo aftr learning fleas might could jump 6 feet LOL LOL LOL, the early morning visit to the vet to get their first shots and deworming, the trips to fetch food and toys LOL, his tender heart, and his patience with me through all this, makes him one special guy in my book!!!! He has always been good to me. God blessed me with my husband and our son and He has always had His hand in my life!!!!! I learned a good while back that when we ask of Him things and it seems that He doesn't answer, that we are often asking for the wrong things. I am sure many of you have seen this in your lives too? Sometimes we just need to change what we are asking for and then do some searching for what He has already provided for us. He has promised to supply us with every need. We just have to do our part and search out those supplies that He already has in place.

I am delighted that the story of these two little pups have touched so many lives. I am thankful for each of you that have shared in their journey and best of all, we all have something good to look forward to because of Libby. Who could ask for more? LOL

So here is to ALL of Jigidi and to the future!!!!!!! :-)))))))))))))))))))) Hugs and appreciation all around with more to come :-)))))))))))))


What a terrific story and what a wonderful way to find a Jigidi mascot. I hope the whole community sees this and becomes part of the adoption of Callie Lou. Perfect timing for a New Year's clelebration. Look foward to seeing her nexts photos! You are true saints to the animal community!


Kathy, I couldn't be more delighted that things have worked out so well for all concerned. I love this photo, they all look sooooo contented!! Thanks for the update :~)


Soooooooo haaaaaaaapy to see that Callie will be staying in the Jigidi community. I'm one of those that needs the bright tunnel of light she has created as my good friend is facing a daunting uphill battle with lung and brain cancer.

On another note, when my dog Sahla was a puppy she was extremely head strong (1/2 chow) and someone told me that "no" was too vague to use as she was smart enough to handle more precise instructions so I taught her "leave it" and "drop it". These proved quite vaulable over the years as I could actually get her to drop things that because of her allergies could have caused her great harm and I can also get her to walk past things without causing a ruckus (or pulling at the leash) by just telling her to leave it. Leave it also works if I catch her before she gets something in her mouth that I might have dropped. BTW..... I also taught her "wind tunnel" (named from the Hoover wind tunnel vacuum cleaner) and she'll search the floor for anything edible, makes me LOL every time she does it.

Oh, and another thing, I bacame the 4th owner of a 1 1/2 year old puppy after saving her from going to the pound for the second time in her short life. I changed her name from BettyBoop to Braley and she's been fine with the name change.

Hope this helps, thanks for the ray of sunshine you have brought me!!!


I've been more or less out with a bad back for two days so I'm coming late to the celebration...

What wonderful news!!! Callie Lou it is and obviously, was meant to be! Libby must be over the top! And the terrific godparents must be pleased with a job so lovingly done and a good home found! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Congratulations all 'round...and blessings. :DDD


I am so happy for Libby, Bella, and Kathy. What a perfect beginning for this adorable pup.
Christmas miracle. I look forward to seeing these pictures every day. My dog came from a
kill shelter in Indiana, and when she got to Illinois we found out she was pregnant, and I
had to wait for her to have her babies before I could bring her home, but it was worth
the wait, as she is the most loving dog ever, her name is Cali, and she is lab/border collie.
I wish all of you the best in the new year. Can't wait to see more pictures of the pup...


JOY!! (And yes, I am teary!)

What a wonderful outcome for all concerned. A meant-to-be if there ever was one. I am just so happy for little (Bella) Callie Lou and Libby. This saga has the makings of a wonderful story book, so we are going to look forward to keeping up to date with all her discoveries and changes. The Christmas puppies and their forever homes.

Huge hugs to all around and thank you again, Kathy, for all that you've done!


I'm so excited for you Libby!! From all the way over here in Melbourne, Australia. And Callie Lou is a fabulous name!! She'll adapt in no time. I can't wait to watch Jigidi's puppy grow up. Thanks so much for taking her in. :)))


I am SSSSOOOOO excited I couldn't sleep, so I got up to see how you all are taking the news! Very, very well, so far...thanks to all of you!!! Kathy and I had a delightful talk, and I shared with her that the very first glimpse I had of the pups (out loud mind you!) I exclaimed "That's my Callie Lou!!!" That was the name I had already thought of for the next dog in my there you have it, a new name and transfer of guardianship to get used to, but knowing you as I do (don't I?), it will be a snap! Promise to post pics and keep you up to date as she grows and develops. I couldn't be more delighted!!! ;-)))))


Oh I'm so pleased for you Kathy!! I can't wait to see the next installment!!
Bandit will breathe a big sigh of relief!! And Sophie & your husband can have the recliner to themselves!! What a great outcome!!


I love what you've done. Your photo is priceless, and look at the love here, a bond has been made, she's home.


It's win/win/win!! For Kathy, Libby AND Bella. It's the perfect outcome for everyone. I'm so happy, and have been secretly (and not so secretly!!) hoping for this to happen.

Kathy, again, you did a fantastic thing taking those little puppies in. And then making sure they weren't consigned to another awful chapter in their little lives. So many people wouldn't have bothered, but you did. So on behalf of the animal-lovers out there, thank you!

And Libby, this is perfect for you, Bella and Roxie. She will still be able to be lead dog! Because in the hierarchy, she will be the dominant one. And she'll have company again, as soon as Bella wins her over.

And Bella! You are going to live happily ever after. With lots of loving aunts and uncles watching over you!!

Perfect end. :)))


The new photo puzzle is great. I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm happy that Bella has found a new home with javasage if it could not be with you. That way we will be able to see her grow up. If the truck driver really wanted to adopt her he would of contacted you and not make you contact him. You are right about it being no problem with a name change at this early date. When my daughter adopted her lab mix the Animal Protective League had named her Mello Yellow. My daughter could not imagine her calling out that name so she renamed her Jesse. Jesse was about 2 and half months when she was adopted. Thank you for leaving a personal message on the photo of Jesse. It was so unexpected. I'm enjoying being part of this community.


Well, the story of Bella will now continue and we can all thank Javasage (Libby) for this. Libby and I just talked over the phone and Bella has found a forever home with her!!!!! We have made plans to meet halfway either this coming Saturday or Sunday. I am going to let Libby tell you guys her new name LOL as I am not sure how to spell it LOL I really like the name she has chosen for her. Bella doesn't answer to the "Bella" yet so the name change should go very well.

I think that it is great that we will be able to follow her life thru Libby. I am looking forward to seeing her grow and develope and hear of all the trouble she can get into LOL LOL The photo that I will post of her tomorrow show her retrieving her new sock toy. While she retrieved a couple of times the past few days, she has now fully grasped the concept of fetch!!!! While Libby and I talked, I was constantly throwing the sock halfway across the room and she would roamp over and get it and bring it back to me repeatedly!!! She has even learned which way is back home when we go on our walks. Since the weather has been cold here at night, she is spending the night in the bathtub which works out very nicely. With a puppy this small, her little bladder is so small, she has to piddle often. The tub works great as it is so simple to keep clean LOL

Another new developement is that when she needs to poo, she will start whinning. You then take her out and she takes care of business LOL Such a little pup to be sooooo smart!!!!!!

So now we can all look forward to watching her grow and mature!!!!!


She looks VERY settled in - great photo - thanks for the updates!


JoJosmom, Bella will indeed remain with us until I am certain she will go to a good home. It looks like Javasage (Libby) might just be the answer!!!!! If so, I am sure Libby will continue the story with lots of shots and updates for all of us to enjoy LOL


Hummingbird, I have to say it---perhaps Bella is meant to stay with you. The signs all point to it, and she has already made it clear that she IS home. Please reconsider and keep her with you. I know all the reasons you have for not keeping her, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow, in spite of all those good reasons. Sherry


{{{stage whisper}}} Yipee, hooray, and WOO-HOO--(oops, got a tad loud there) yes, the trucker could have called, they still have these old fashioned things called pay phones! I would seriously LOVE to talk about adopting her...will leave info on my "...keep her" jig in just a sec! ;-)))


UPDATE....... Bella and I just went for a nice long walk. We discovered cows!!!! Yep, the cows had escaped so we had to call and alert their owners. When the truck arrive to round up the cows, the horn honking really got her attention LOL

After that outing, we returned inside and she gulped down her water. She soooo wanted to drink from the very nasty muddy puddle that we came across. Stubborn little bugger she is!!!!! The word "No" seems to bounce right off her LOL So an extraction is needed to get the point across which also only last until she spots the muddy puddle again LOL When does the word "No" begin to sink in? Little Brother responded very well to it, but not Bella. She has a one track mind LOL

The big news is that Bella is already retrieving!!!!! Just snapped an adorable picture of her in action and will post it tomorrow.

The other news is that the trucker was again a no show. Not sure what to think of that. I understand that he may not have reception in some places, but shouldn't he be able to contact us at some point during the day to say that he won't be able to make it as scheduled??????

So Bella is still with us :-)


Thanks guys!!!!

Angelbender, LOL, you noticed the weight difference LOL LOL LOL Yep, Sophia is a wee bit larger than Bella. Let's just give a rough estimate of about 4 times her weight LOL Sophia is on a diet LOL

Photogent, LOL, there will probably be all out war for that recliner LOL

You are more than welcom Nana.

Cappy, the trucker that was suppose to come and get her today was a no show again..............

Gemstone :-)

Pumpkinhead, glad you got a wonderful chuckle out of it LOL LOL LOL


Soon there will be only two in that recliner so he had best find a new place to recline. Nice picture.

i think you should keep bella,she look right at home in your husbands recliner.shes so cute


This is so sweet. I love it! Thanks Hummingbird!


Aaaaaw! :DDD

Sophia just can't get that real restorative sleep anywhere else. Besides, she outweighs Bella and could just sit on her if she gets bothersome. It is really great how they sort things out for themselves when sensible people like yourself give them time and space.
We are sure enjoying this saga that you are sharing and await the next chapter/puzzle with bated breath.


I am laughing outloud! What a great picture!!!