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Embossed Barbed Wire Ball?

49 pieces
108 solves
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Thanks so much, Mary! This was unusual for me, and now that I see it again, I remember how much I liked it--I'll have to try something like it again...! :-)))


This one caught my eye, and I think it's delightful. Well done, Pat.


Thanks, whatnauts and Rosie. Actually, there wasn't any ball there--I just kept drawing those little angled lines until I'd overlapped them enough to form a roundish shape. And when they didn't intersect enough, so coloring the sections flooded too large an area, or bled into the background, I just added another line or two to close the gaps. So it really was a ball of barbs! :-)))


I don't know which one I like better--haven't seen the other up close--just know I like the addition of the barbed wire. It makes the ball soooo much more interesting. Thanks, Rosie


I like this embossed version better, although I'm not sure that I would solve a larger size :)))))))


Thanks again, Aishah, Edie, and Ardy! I liked both myself, which is why I wanted input on which to post larger, which I definitely intend to do. I like the rich colors here, but, of course, I like the ones I picked myself as well! LOL! :-)))


This one is bright. I'll go try the other one. I was almost 5 minutes here (4:56) Thanks, Pat.


Just trying to figure out the same thing. Which one I like better. This one has brighter colours but for some reason I think I prefer the other one. Both were fun to solve. Thanks Pat.


It's funny how different the embossing turns out from puzzle to puzzle. This one doesn't seem smoother than some of the other ones. I'm not sure if I like the embossed or non-embossed one better, but could I please have one of them in a larger version?