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Parakkakurkkio, Sweden

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This one is an absolute baby next to the big one, trying the best on its own, but lots of good will really!!


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I think that ANY waterfall is a star how big or small it is!! I'm awfully glad that yours are well visited!! Thanks so very much Dagmar!!


The little waterfall in our village isn't much bigger than that one, Hanne, but it is the attraction of the place, especially in summer. Then it gets many visitors every day. :)) There are no other competitors nearby so it is the star of the little river. :))


Thanks again gnt1041, glad you like it!!


good one


You are right, it gives a much clearer impression of how tall it is!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Thank you for the perspective of you standing near it. Nice photo Hanne.


It is, Jana, thanks for your sweet words, it is so that I love roaming around in places like this, the more, the better!! Thanks so very much!!

You are SO right, Ardy, the "grownups" just HURRY on, FALL down and have things DONE, while the babies play all around them!! Wonderful picture, thanks so very much for it!!


I love baby waterfalls. They play and laugh and have fun among the rocks. Thanks, Hanne.


Is that you up there? I admire you, thank you for the beautiful puzzle Hanne.