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Hawkers? Door to door salesmen? Bring "em on!

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If those feet are anything to go by Hester he still has some growing to do . . . lol

His volume control is probably in the same place as my youngest grandson's battery compartment so if you find it can you let me know . . . we've not found it yet . . . :D)


"Clunk!".. That's the penny dropping, bachja! I love the PWDs too. They are great characters. Freddy is about 27inches high at the tail end and at 21 months I'm hoping that's as tall as he is going to get!!


I haven't quite worked out where his volume control knob is yet, Su!! LOL


Having met Freddy I can honestly say he is just as cute in real life as he is in the photos . . . but moreso. Yes he is a bit of a wuss but I'm sure it's just an act to attract all the "oohs" and "ahhs" and boy are there many . . . :D) My OH was convinced he was a shetland pony in a fur coat at first glance . . . then came the bark . . . I think it was heard yon side of Liverpool. He is , as I said, absolutely gorgeous but don't tell him I said so . . . :D)

PWD = Portuguese Water Dog (I have 3). I was thinking Freddy looked bigger, hard to tell, but he seems to have same bipedal strivings as mine do. ;) He's sure a cutie.


Hi Ardy! Charmed to meet you! I take my position veeeery seriously and have a bark that can be heard at the other end of the village. Don't know why that drives my mum crazy ??
Actually I'm a bit of a softie. Very loving.Very loony, and veeery big! Poor mum looks as if she is walking a man in a wookie suit! Ha, ha, woof!


Hi Freddy. Glad to meet you. You look ready to defend your home even if you can't see who's coming. For a long time I thought this avatar was a profile of a monk with the cowl over his head. Don't know when i figured out it was you. I'm glad to add you to my list of doggie friends.


Sorry bachja, not sure what a PWD is? Maybe a Polly wolly doodle? LOL ( Sorry, that's a VERY old song!) Nope, Freddy is a Briard, a French, sheepdog.

Gemstone,I am sure Freddy has radar! LOL Not much gets past him! Hester :-)


Would he be able to see them? :DDD

Is this a PWD?