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Sebastian in his favorite place (other than by his dad)- The cool grass.

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Absolutely beautiful,treasure your wonderful memories


He was a very beautyful boy - sorry you lost him


He looks like he's snacking on the grass - so cute!

My Furbee's eyes do the same thing and it is too bad because they are such a beautiful blue.Sebastian is beautiful. I'm sorry,I didn't realize he was on the other side of "The Rainbow Bridge".Just think of the cool grass he plays in now with lots of friends,waiting for the time he'll see you again.OK, making myself cry,gotta go love my 3.


ruthywick-His eyes were NOT this color. The photo was taken outside, at night, with a flash. This is what caused the misrepresentation of his eye color. Unfortunately, as anyone can tell you, this happens all too often in poor lighting. We've all seen many, many examples of that! As for this being "scary"-gosh, I don't really know what to say. I feel sorry for you that you found it so. As for his true eye color, they were a beautiful blue-sometimes the hue matched the sky,
other times a blue as deep as the ocean. Hopefully, I can find a photo that better showcases my sweet boy's
beauty! : )


lovely picture. how sad that he is gone now :(


He was a big (25 lbs!) ole' daddy's boy. He was sweet & calm & put up with his rascally brother Stimpy with great dignity! We had a screened in Gazebao & he LOVED to be out there in the grass. It will be 3 years since he's been gone & we still miss our gentle giant. But we have soooo many happy memories! : )