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Laura v mem pelisku

20 pieces
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Laura says, that she leave even a bed to sleep and I say Happy New Year too all my friends Jigidi, thank you friends, I am happy with you


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Laura is keeping your bed warm, Jana. She is so pretty. It makes me happy to see her. Thank you for the photos and puzzles.


Too bad that the disease also affects dogs, but that's life and it's too sad , good luck with Callie Lou aka Annabella


Thank you for your sweet comments on my jigs! The puppy you saw there is my Dulcie that had cancer, and left us mid-Oct of this past year...she was almost 4 years old...the other pup, Callie Lou aka Annabella from Hummingbird's page is the one I will be adopting! I will be "retrieving" her this weekend! Libby ;-)


Thank you Wolflady, is it possible that they are twins, we found Laura in June 2008 , she was up to 8 weeks , abandoned in Plze?


Happy New Year to you too Jana. I'm glad with you. Say thanks to Laura and give a kiss.


Thank you both and Happy New Year


Happy New Year from Vancouver, Canada! :DDD


Could be my dogs twin.. Very cute.