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Pinwheel for Angel

20 pieces
49 solves
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I had to hold it, blowing wind and it rotates too fast


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We have fenced the whole land 650 m2, no animal could get here, but our dog Laura, comes everywhere, 1, 8 m fence, for it is not an obstacle


I understand, I will tell my cousin.

puzzaddled For you!

Jana, try sprinkling red pepper powder on and around your flowers for a while. Some people use liquid red pepper sauce, by thinning it and spraying it on the flowers, plants and ground to keep animals off them. My dachshunds liked to dig for shrews, voles or moles in the loose dirt. If you don't have rabbits, you are very lucky.


Hi Angel, I'm glad I prepared pet-bottles will help you, patch around the chains are against dogs, that thay did not go to the flowers, my Laura destroys all the flowers, she like sleeping on them, and I don't have rabbits and have not experience with them. Have a good day :-))

Thank you, Jana and puzzlejac/Ank's cousin for bringing this to me. I t is a really good way to recycle plastic (PET) bottles and save my food. Your instructions and the photo make it simple for me to make some of these to put in my vegetable garden. I will send it to my daughter for her garden, too.

Now, a new question. Are the strings at the bottom of the posts for keeping rabbits out of your garden? I read once that the Dutch use thread on short sticks to confuse the rabbits and make them think there is a solid fence around their gardens. Rabbits here will jump an 18" chicken wire fence to get in my green beans, so I don't know if string or thread would be effective, or not. :-DDD Thanks for the puzzle and information.