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THEHE: Staircases: Chand Baori Stepwall, India. Photo credit Oddity Central

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Thanks mipahollo1 and mariolyn. At first I thought it was a manipulated image, but it really is what it is!


Very interesting puzzle. Thanks for posting it.


Wow! This is an amazing sight. It's hard to comprehend the whole idea. But someone was very smart. I'm with you Carol, we could have sat together and died of thirst.


Incredible, as far as I'm concerned. Thanks, PH.


An amazing story of people doing what needs to be done to get water!


Oh it definitely has a purpose, snooks! As I understand it, in this area the water supply varies dramatically. This was built in the 10th century so people could get water, no matter what the level of the water supply. It's 13 stories deep - 3,500 steps! When the water level was low, I guess I'd have just died of thirst anyway - could never make such a climb!!

Does it have a purpose or was it a make work project?