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In honor of my beautiful Daffodil who passed away today

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Susie is on the left with her son Daffy behind her. She has been gone over a year and he was a sweet boy who was always trying to sing a Beatle tune, badly. He was 14.


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Thank you all for your kind words. I really miss him.


I'm so sorry to learn about Daffy, Carol. It doesn't matter what the species, our pets leave huge holes in our heart when they die. Susie and Daffy were beautiful birds.


So sorry you lost your feathered friend.


I am so sorry to hear of Daffy's passing, Carol. Our feathered and furry family are truly loved, and and they leave a hole in your life when they leave us. You just need to remember how lucky you were to have had them in your life.


Allow my to offer my most sincere condolences on loosing Daffodil. He reminds me of my own Garrett that I lost back in '83.


So sorry, beatlecarol. They were so pretty. Goodness, my eyes got tears. I'm glad you have such nice photos of your babies.


Aaaaaw. I'm sorry. They all have their own little quirks and personalities.