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Someday Swirlerfly

49 pieces
51 solves
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Oh, dear, could I be the real culprit behind climate change?!!! Dammit! Sorry about that! And there everybody was, blaming carbon footprints and such when it really was a fly infestation......:-DDD


Don't eat our flies!!!!! I like this one outlined in black. It really makes it stand out and it looks prettier than ever. Another new one for the land of sunshine and warmth. But I do have to tell you that everytime a new fly comes out we get snow up here and there's something wrong with that. We are supposed to have 4-5 new inches of snow Thursday and Thursday night. Something is really out of wack! Thanks for another wonderful fly puzzle. Rosie


Thanks, whatnauts--better get to it quickly, before I get my cleaver. Lela has given me some ideas for dinner, and I'll be needing the large one to feed two........

Oh, yuck, what a thought! LOL!!!!!


This is a wonderful fly, PD, and I'll be bookmarking the large version.


(just what it looks like....well, to me anyway, hee-hee!)......


Oh, my, what a gory thought.......... :-)))))))


I think you have pinned this one to your kitchen chopping-board.......


Thanks, Ardy. I took the original swirl and decided to change the background to wood, but then the dark green outer ring sort of faded into the wood color. I tried to make it bright, but it didn't look much better, so I made it black, and I think (hope!) it stands out better this way :-)))


It's definitely a swirlerfly, Pat. Love the way it shows up so well with that background. It looks a little like an angel to me as well. But the fl;y has been noted and will soon be recorded on your list.