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Old Barn In The Morning....

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LOL ! Mostly muddy muck, but marvelous to see!


It was a very important place in its day. And now it is a very beautiful jigsaw puzzle!!


That's a great old barn Dave - I love the shape!


It is stylish, Lorna, thanks.

Early morning, Lyndee, with a little color.

Goodness gracious, glorious greenery greeting you, smllpkg? Great!

It sounds like a nice match BrightSky! I'm glad your back!

Some of the old ones are out there alone, Putter, the rest of the farm already all gone!

Thanks Suzy.


Soft colors with this one, Warbler.


The first word that popped into my head when I did the puzzle was "lonely". It needs some care and some critters to bring it company.


Beautiful. I work my Jigidi puzzles on that gray-blue background & this is a photo for which that's perfect.


A pleasing color palette on this one. I actually had a small patch of greenish grass show up in my yard today. It gives me hope!


Nice pink and blue background.


Great photo. Looks like it could have been barn royalty in its day - must have been a real a beauty. I hope it finds someone to love and restore it.


Something needs to be done soon Arleen, looking at the roof. Hopefully it is saved in some form.

I love that style of roof Sandy. Iowa.


What a grand barn that was in it's day! And it has a happy face! Great shot Dave. Looks like the Midwest.

When built, this barn must have been state of the art. If they don't restore it, I hope they realize how valuable the old lumber is. Arleen