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Fractal, Shark

40 pieces
139 solves
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PJ, you've added a whole new slant on the landing strip idea! The colors certainly lend themselves well to a fantasy theme! Good idea, my friend!


Lol, Jo! I don't think I want to go there either!


I sure wish I had thought of the landing strip idea for a title, L! You are spot on! As seen that way, the depth is amazing! Thanks, dear one!


Ah, a Manta Ray! That explains why this poor "shark" is so wide, lol! Good eye, Kirsten!... :-)


Jill, what an exquisite design, gorgeous and elegant. To me it looks like an alien landing into a new fantasy story :-)))


They say there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but......I don't think I want to go there!! lol!
I does look like an airplane landing strip!! lol! Thankyou Jill for the fun!! :)


Jigidi ate my comment again.... I do like this color combo... Isn't there a vital color missing?? As I recall its kind of Royally, bluish, blue... A really pretty color.... I saw in your lovely shark an airport landing strip, with all the lights and the super perspective... Very enjoyable... Thank you, dear one... :) :)


He reminds me of a manta ray, Jill! But he IS a lovely boy! Thanks very much!! :)))


You are very welcome, dear Shirley. I think you are right; he's trying to look mean but he's a pretty boy! I'm so glad you like it, my friend!... :-)


I won't mind coming face to face with this shark, he is a softy, and the beautiful colours,He is gorgeous, Jill, Thank you.