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A Joyous Easter

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fodus, put them to work, but only a little. Take them on a trek of discovery around the farm. Show them the daily things that must be done. Let them see bean seeds sprout under glass or plastic that they prepare themselves, then give each one a spot to plant them, & then help them learn to take care of them. Take them to examine trees & flowers---even weeds. There are all kinds of things to keep them busy & 'un-bored'. But YOU must go with them & show them. Show them the awesome wonders of nature put here on this Earth for us...............


That's for sure, fodus! I would have loved to have had a farm to go to when I was a child!


I agree with Annjax. My grandkids are always bored when they come to the farm. Even when they bring their 'toys' with them! There is a lot of stuff for 2 kids to do.


Those are such precious words, Ann. I think of you also , especially when I'm on the island. If I remember correctly, you went there before I did. How blessed we both are to have such a treasure in our lives!!


Jill, even though I don't write to you every day I hope you know you and Jim are often in my thoughts. My good wishes for you are always there.
And--YAY! Goin' to Jekyll! Maybe you can be a child AGAIN for awhile while you're there............


Ann, what precious, precious words those are, my friend. I am saddened that thoughtfulness and kindness is not a constant way of life anymore. It is there but it is not as prevalent as it used to be. Life is so stressful now. I often think of my sweet grandmother and how she would react to life as we now know it. I honestly believe she would have a very difficult time.

I can relate so perfectly to what you have written. I made dolls out of Rose of Sharon blooms.... such billowy colorful skirts. I used Lambs Ear leaves for blankets... such fun using my imagination!

Thank you for your well wishes. Ironically, I will have a time reminiscent of earlier times because Jim and I are leaving for Jekyll on Sunday..... I will be there for 3 weeks. Jekyll is as close to my childhood as any other place I know. Thanks, Ann, so much, for what you have written! ((( Hugs)))


It was a simpler, warmer time. A time when people still considered the feelings and condition of others---a time of thoughtfulness & kindness. Courtesy was taught to the children, as was good manners. A simpler time when there were not so many 'things' to be coveted and what we did have was built to last. We, as children, often made our own toys; we used our imaginations to play when we had nothing manufactured to play with. I miss those simpler times.
Thanks, Jill, for this lovely Easter card. AND for letting me wax nostalgic on your posting! :-) I hope your Easter Day & Spring season is filled with the happiness of those 'simpler things'.................
These same wishes are hoped for all my other Jigidi Friends, too. Happy Easter.............


Same here, Pam There was such innocence that we don't have now.

Such a lovely greeting. Makes me very nostalgic for the days when I was a kid!


And to you also,Alison!


Thank you pinknblack. I appreciate your well wishes!


You are so welcome Babchi! I'm glad you think it is a sweet greeting!


Happy Easter everyone!!


Jill, thanks for the sweet greeting. Hope yours is a wonderful one, too!


a very sweet greeting! thanks