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Small garden 6

20 pieces
261 solves
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I agree with you Nellies, thank you very much :-)))


What a creative and beautiful little garden. I can't wait for spring!


Thank you annjax for your kind comments, I am pleased that you like it :-)))


Jana, this is just beautiful! All the different kinds & colors of flowers tumbling together in those wonderful wooden tubs is so pretty & joyful. Thanks for the beauty..............


Ank you're right, I'm looking forward to the flowers, it was a lot of snow,hope it will not be new snow fall, the flowers can still only dream :-))))


Lovely, let's think of nice weather Jana, lets forget the snow and the cold. Lets think of a beautiful garden with lots of flowers. Wow. Thanks, for the daydream.


I am happy Denise, that you like flowers, also spend a nice evening, big hugs and goodnight my friend :-))))


Very pretty Jana, I love the way they blend in together. Have a good evening my friend:-)) Hugs


GNT Thank you, I'm glad you like it :-)))

Hi Angel, I have not seen you for a long time, I worried that I blew a gale, or you're somewhere deep under the snow. I'm glad you're okay. I'm so glad you like it, look at my puzzle for 3 days, there is something for you. Spend a nice day :-)))

Thank you Nanax, I am glad, you like it :-)))


Very pretty, janazlouky! Gives me some great ideas! thanks!

It is nice how the middle tub appears to spilling it's flowers into the front tub. The moss on the tree limbs is outstanding. Nice one, Jana.


May be small but has so much beauty in it