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Too much snow, (not my place).

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I don't know where it is. Just one picture of me, guess what.


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Hi Mimi, it is toooooooooooooo much. Yes and Micky is there because I lacked a photo. lol


Wow! that is amazing, and of course Micky is adorable!


I'm glad too that it is not here. It looks terrible. Thanks Cathy and Monica.


Wow! That is a LOT of snow, in fact I've never seen this much snow in my life! Sure glad we don't live there, wherever it is!


I'm glad you don't get snow like that! Micky would not be able to walk in it. It woud be over her head!! Thanks for the great pictures!!


Thanks Katie, Jan, Suzy, Ann and Mary. Yep, this is a lot snow. I'm glad we don't have it. Maybe Florida is a good idea. Micky already knows how to bark in English. For her it's alright when she can take her favorite toys with her. But I still have to think about it. I don't know, a lot of things look great, but others..... Take yesterday, Super Bowl, The power is out. Just because there is much use. Or healthcare. Your care is good, but the accessibility, money issue. Rich or poor, everyone the same good care that is what we are accustomed to. Netherlands runs with many things ahead, one step back is difficult. Especially when you get older. Our climate is not ideal, but we are accustomed. I think I will stay here. Katie thanks for the help. lol


Whoa,that is too much even for me.Micky is beautiful.Thank you Ank.


One of the reasons I'm so very glad I live in Florida! Thanks, Ank, for re-inforcing my gratitude........


That is a bit of snow. Micky looks happy, as always, Not a care in the world.


Micky you may spend the winter here with me. Warm and we can go for walks, rides, and I will teach you English. PS I have some really big stuff toys for you to play with at your will.


Wow! That's a LOT of snow! I'll help you shovel Ank - for about 30 minutes.


I just wanted to ask you for helping with the shovel!! LOL


This is WAY too much snow for me! Thanks for sharing, Ank!!


Hi Sandy and Ardy. Indeed this is a lot of snow. I'm glad we never have this. No Micky and I will not like it. I was wondering too about the photo bottom right. I think they did it because they don't want the car under the snow for when it melts. Then the water will come in the car (motor). But now when it melts the car will be in a lake. I hope for them, that the lake will not be too deep.


That is a lot of snow. The bottom right makes me wonder that now they have found their car, what can they do? They can't go anywhere! I think Micky wouldn't like that much snow. Thanks for these incredible pictures, Ank.


Wow, that is a LOT of snow Ank!


Hanne I was inspired by your photos of lots of snow. I knew I had it somewhere. Thanks girls.


Well, here she got enough!! There is VERY much indeed! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Oh my goodness, definitely too much snow. Nice to see Micky amongst the collage - she stands out beautifully surrounded by white.


My idea sister. Hugs


Now that's snow..... so glad it's not here.... Thanks Sis .. Hugs :):)


Hi good evening Shirley, That's a lot, isn't it. I'm glad we never have that much.


These poor people, how do they live with this much snow? as much as I'd love to see some snow, I don't think I could live with this amount, Thanks for the post Ank.


Thanks Jana and Robbos. Robbos it's not my place, fortunately not. I just found the photos on the net. Only the Micky photo is of course mine. Jana all our snow is gone too. I thought this photos are funny.


Should sent in chookies to help you shovel out the snow.


Good morning ANK and Micky, scared me how much snow you have, then I read the comment, it's good, I do not have any snow here, everything melted. Thank you for a beautiful view, good work, Micky is there but the most beautiful :-))))