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Good puppy

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Great little story, though I think I seen it on here once before, just can't recall who.


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John, thank you for another heart warming true story! And I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, with many blessings.


John, thank you for your answer, and I have to make it clear that we in Europe today will let turkeys run in the yard and look forward to them for Christmas. I wish to all American friends and especially to you
* Ѽ * Happy Thanksgiving * Ѽ *


I hear that Jackie, that is why I got the oldest ones they had. I have also got a friend that made good friends with them, just in case.
@Deanna that will be great, thank u. hope you both have a good turkey day.


John, I'm glad you write about the moving story of Hachikō, I know it very well. His statue is located in Tokyo and when friends want to meet togeher, they say only at Hachikō, and everyone immediately knows where it is. I was here and got a photo, I´ll prepare it and then send you a link ♥:))

thank you John. I don't have to fight any dogs this year, my sister dog passed away two years and that was her lost dogs. that's the same with my dog, one's cory passes he will be are last dog. I would never want to leave my animal behind with a broking heart. hugs too all J


@Deanna I agree, when they loss a friend, or make a new friend, it shows in their action. One simply need to look the movies coming out that show it as well. Hachikō waited for 9 years at a train station for his friend. His person had passed away, and puppy wasn't having any of it. Great movie to, just have you hanky ready.


I Pray that yours is a great day as well, Jackie. I also hope you don't have to fight off the dogs to get to the food. LOL

John happy thanksgiving, to you and your, hope you have a nice day hugs to your and rem.

thank you John, love the story I like to see happy ending. hope all is well with you and rem. hugs to you both J


John thank you for the link and for the beautiful and very moving story. I think it wasn't just instinct but something more. Some people are thinking, animals are not capable of such feelings and here is the proof that it is not true. Thank you ♥:))


If only we would


What a heartwarming story. Humans can certainly learn a whole lot from animals. - Wendy


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