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Swirl Swirl Swirl Swirl (Smaller)

42 pieces
79 solves
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Oh, my, thank you so much, Wendy! And I learned from you that "fiddling" with the colors is cool! LOL! So you get the credit, too! :-)))


Holy Cow! Pat, I think this is probably your best swirl puzzle ever! This is is the loony one. I would hang this on my's that good.


Thanks so much, Katie, Ardy, and Jan--I should get this quartet to sing along! Only you left out one rollin'--they each deserve one... :-)))


Beautiful puzzle, Pat. I love 4 swirls even more than one!
(You KNOW you wanted to call this rollin' rollin' rollin'! LOL)


Wonderful fun, Pat. Thank you.


Oooh! A puzzle of many colored swirls! You sure know how to delight the swirl fan club!


Oops, we crossed, Barb! Thanks so much! Let it not be said that I don't keep the Swirl Fan Club busy! :-)))

Thanks, 2dogs7cats--now that you said that, they remind me of those weird glasses with the fake eyeballs that pop out on springs! LOL! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Almost makes me dizzy, like looking through someone else's glasses. Great fun. Loved it.


Thanks so much, PJ! I made a new swirl last night, then decided to try a LunaPic animation technique I hadn't tried before, where the colors change (sort of like embossing, but in flashes), six or seven times. I really liked the varieties, and couldn't pick just one, so I gathered my four favorites, added a bit of new color where they had too much white or black, and came up with this. I'm glad you liked it! :-)))


4 times the fun, Pat. Thanks for all these colourful swirls. :-)


Pat - so fun x 4 :-))) Really enjoyed the color combinations.