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A Bit of Help For Sixty-Four Piece Puzzle Solvers

64 pieces
237 solves
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Hester, well, now I know that I can count on you when I need a counter to count. :-)
I do all counting on my kitchen counter.

Yes, it was a brilliant idea. I just love it when I can agree with someone. LOL


Bingo! Full House! I thought I was going slow on this, Wendy but it seems Numbers For Dummies was easier than I thought. Genius idea! :-)


Katie, PJ, Mandy, and whatnauts, I don't know what clicked in my head to decide to create this, but the moment I thought of it, I thought it would be really fun. It was fun to create and fun to see the response. :-)


This was fun and will come in handy the next time I have to count over 20!!!! LOL Thanks, Wendy.


Oh this is wonderful.... thanks Wendy ;~)


Wendy - it's hilarious and a fun idea :-)))
I just had to solve it - it was so entertaining to solve, even if I got mixed up with the numbers several times.... (7:10)


This is a really fun puzzle Wendy! Thanks ever so much!


advia, I just posted it, but because I had to enlarge it in order to get it to 400 pieces, it's not to my liking. But for you, anything. LOL


ok thank you very much I'll wait this is a reason not to go watch TV!


OK, I'll see how large it will go. If it's not large enough, I'll see how it looks if I enlarge it. I'll post it with my Wendy13 alias shortly. :-)


This was a funny idea with the numbers puzzle. Will you post this larger 400 pc if possible as soon as you have a free slot?


It always pays to solve your puzzles as soon as you post them, then I can enjoy for a few minutes the first place ;-)


I see you, Ms. Advia!!!!!! :-)