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Lando at one year old

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50 solves
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Lando's owner/breeder wanted him strictly for competition and he was winning all the championships as a puppy. But then he grew just a half inch too tall to compete as an adult. We had just lost Apollo, also a MinPin. Without knowing that Lando was available I decided to "rescue" an adult dog that was no longer wanted and voila, I was directed to Lando. He's now 13 and doing pretty well, though he has developed diabetes.


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Big hugs to you for rescuing Lando, thank you very much Jana


A half inch??? Silly rule...still, it saved Lando from a life of "showing"...yay! :DDD


Isn't he a handsome lad! Thanks ;-)

Lando's beautiful. Glad he ended up with you and has a good home. Hope he does well with his treatment for diabetes. Thanks, Laura. Enjoyed the puzzle.