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Hi Robyn. I'm glad you had fun with this one; it is an especially fun puzzle I think. I've been meaning to visit your puzzles....but have been remiss, mainly because after I post my puzzles, I visit three friends of mine on theirs, and then promptly go to bed. I've been sleeping my life away lately. Anyway, I'll visit you soon, because you really do make terrific puzzles.

I love the watermelons as well. I thoroughly enjoyed creating that one.


Fun puzzle, Wendy. I also wanted to say I really love the icon you use for Wendy13. The one that looks like a bunch of watermelons. It's just gorgeous. Wonderful artwork. And thanks for this puzzle too. :)


Pat, I know what you mean....and you gave me a great idea that I'll use in the future. ;-)


Nifty puzzle, Wendy--really cute, and such fun to solve! It's much more interesting to solve squares that are populated! :-)))