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Victoria Arcade, Leeds. Shopping Heaven!

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He decided to stay behind to "look after" Freddy! Not a wise move... :-(
Leeds was a real eye-opener. I had expected an industrial centre and was delighted by the wonderful architecture. It's a great city with a vibrant night life (oh, those restaurants!! ), really friendly folk and shops to die for. But I was a good girl and kept my credit card zipped up in my purse... well, we might have bought one thing. Tell you about it later :-D


What an incredibly gorgeous Arcade. That ceiling is breathtaking! And those arches all have the most incredible insets in them. They looks like gemstones! Then the marble columns and the verdigris wrought iron on the second floor. Oh, and did I mention the floor! I can see why BB was happy! There is only one thing missing.......where's Growly! :)


It is very similar, Kirsten! This was such a beautiful place to wander around BB didn't even complain !! :-)


Looks gorgeous, Hester. And extraordinarily like our Block Arcade in Melbourne!

Look for yourself:,_Melbourne

And on that note, I'm off to bed. Night night. :)))