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"The Garden Tomb" Plein Air - by Kinkade (Recently posted, but without comments by Kinkade)

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"Modern archaeology questions The Garden Tomb as the actual place where Christ's body was taken, but the setting remains a site of uncommon dignity and tranquility. As I painted The Garden Tomb, I allowed myself to believe that this could have been the scene of the miracle after all. The open tomb is empty; its shadowy interior is thrilling to enter - it seems to whisper words of comfort to my spirit. On the wooden door a small plaque bears an inscription from scripture: 'He is not here, For He is risen'. "__Thomas Kinkade


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Thank you for the comment that Thomas Kinkade said about the tomb of the Savior, it was very interesting. . . Naoma

You are very welcome, puzzlepa

this is very interesting the place where Christ arose from death. The miracle of Easter an what Easter is all about. I most enjoyed the comments by Mr. Kinkade many thanks for your sharing of this DrJean