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240 pieces
312 solves
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Oh, Pat, you can't be on the leader board every single time! Looking at the leader board list here, it appears that every single person on it is a super fast puzzle solver. The only one who has never been in the number one spot on my puzzles is Alin.


I just re-read my comment about being sooo close! At that time, I was just seconds off the board--now I'm almost ten minutes off! As they say, a miss is as good as a mile--which it has now become.....:-)


Pat, you got it! But who are you kidding? Your explanations for things are ALWAYS more clear than mine, and I do mean ALWAYS.

whatnauts, I should have figured that you'd notice this one. I might just as well have put yours and Pat's names in the title. You kill me! ;-)


This was great Wendy. It was enjoyable to look for the right colours for each square. And I'm 'allowed' to do a certain number of large puzzles, especially on the weekend, so please - no grief :))))) Cheers. (26:21)


I understood what you meant, I think--you needed the effect to keep it from being too dark, but the effect itself made it a little less clear. Yes? Your explanation was much clearer than mine ever are! :-)))


Sindy, shortly after I posted the other one I took a long nap and woke up a short while ago. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Pat, I redid the entire thing after you mentioned you liked the one in the semi-private puzzle, and made it a 7 by 7 rather than an 8 by 8 to give it a bit more clarity. But then I lost some clarity again when I applied a certain effect, but if I hadn't applied the effect, it would have been too dark. LOL
Do you understand what I just said? No? Neither do I.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It really was for you and whatnauts after your comments...but I couldn't put your names in the title because it has too many pieces for whatnauts. ;-)


Sooooo close! 30:18! Ah, it doesn't matter--it was a real challenge, and very different to solve, and I loved it!


Did the small one--the pieces are wonderful, and very clear! Have this bookmarked for later--just Skyped with Courtenay and Luke for his first birthday! Wow, time really does fly.....

Found it!!! (before I came back to this one--lol) Thanks, again--I DID enjoy it.

Guess it's almost lunch time in your neighborhood--or is it NAP time??? :D


Sindy, I haven't posted any with my Wendy13 alias yet. I'll post this in a small size right after I get done typing this up.

I hope your morning is well too. :-)

Hahahaha! I clicked on this (because it was YOU)--but failed to see that it was 240 pieces! I wouldn't be able to finish this for three days!!! Moving on--hope your morning is going well! SO