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Covered Bridge, Northfield Falls, Vermont

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I've only just found your comment, punkin - thanks for answering my question - I'm starting to learn about the USA!!!


Chookie-VT is the state of Vermont in the northeastern USA. It is a state of green trees, beautiful mountains, wonderful towns, and covered bridges! :)


Cute hey, pkin & Celeste - thanks for dropping by:)


Love the bridge. :)


Thanks for the complement chookies, after retiring, now I have the time to get back into the things I enjoy. I still want to learn Acupuncture though. That's on my Do List.
You have many talents, I have no doubt.


I've just been onto your site, Healer, and as I said - you are very talented. I wish I was artistic but, unfortunately, I'm not. I guess I'm good at other things.


Hi chookies, actually I already have posted a few things. What I do, depends on what the client wants done. Some are businesses some are privet. Along with the healing part (dealing with the electromagnetics of the body), I'm a free lance artist, retired from public school, special ed.


Love old covered bridges thanks Chookies


Punkin, obviously VT is a State or Province - what does it stand for? I'm glad I showed you something that you're interested in:)

Robryan, don't you just love those covered bridges? Yes, we both learned something today, didn't we? Thanks for dropping you:)


Well then, who's the clever girl that is so creative, Healer? I'm glad I'm giving you ideas!! You must take pictures of your work and post them for us to see!


No headache, Jacques - slept well last night too!!


Thanks chookies - I've learnt something new. Great pic.


What a nice bridge! I hope that the locals are able to repair it before it's too late. Although I know VT fairly well, I had not heard of Northfield I know where it is, and will add it to a side trip sometime when we visit the great state of VT.


Another beautiful photo chookies. I'm about to start hand painting glass ornaments for my family, everybody gets a new one each Christmas, and you all are helping me out with ideas! Thanks so much!


no headache???


Thanks for your comments lyndee and chickie:)


Just love it chookies!


How sad this one has not been kept up.


I think the first one In U.S. was built somewhere in Pennsylvania in the early 1800s. By the latter part of the 1800s, as iron an steel became more plentiful, the construction of covered bridges all but went away, so yes, those remaining are really pretty old. But there are still many in Europe that have been rebuilt several times.


Thank you so much for that information Barb - I have a better understanding now but they must be old structures because most of them I see are starting to fall in disrepair. Because of lack of lighting, it would've made an excellent place to stop for a kiss and a cuddle!!!


My understanding is the purpose of the "cover" was to protect these old wooden bridges from the elements and perhaps prolong their life span, which is why a great number of them are located in areas with pretty good snowfalls in the winter. It also gave lovers a quiet, sometimes darker place to stop and smooch for a while or at least until someone else came along, but I think that is a side effect. LOL


I find them interesting because we don't have them here and I don't really know what their purpose is? Perhaps someone can tell me! Thanks for dropping by shirley and tex:)


Nice one, CHoooks, thanks.


Good one, love these old covered bridges, Thanks chookies.