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Who is doing what? Several possibilities...

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Great Mandy - you've provided us with a wonderful interpretation of the figures. Love it. Thank you - and your imagination!


PJ, I see a child in pink trousers, waving, and what appear to be Christmas crackers being pulled!!! The tropical blue colour running through the star and your border is exactly right too, and makes the star stand out brilliantly. Thanks.


Goodness Kirsten - I'm thrilled that you liked it so much, thank you for a most interesting and lovely comment. So glad you had fun solving it.


I don't know who is doing what here, PJ, other than ME having a lovely time doing YOUR puzzle. This is one of those instances where the thumbnail does the final image absolutely no justice whatsoever. But even when you click solve, you can see amazing clarity in the pieces. However the final image is divine. In some ways this reminds of one that Mandy just posted too. It's a lesson in restrained colours and textures, allowing it to shine even more brightly. Thanks so much. I really, really enjoyed it. Can you tell? LOL