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A wonderful picture of a beautiful bird!! Thank you JC. And thank you sbemus for the extra information !!


In the autumn, when all the birds are busily pecking around in the fallen leaves, if a hawk flies overhead most of the smaller birds scatter to the trees. The meadowlarks, instead, hunker down in the leaves to hide their bright yellow breasts, and just remain motionless. They seem to know they are perfectly camouflaged by the leaves. Mother Nature is amazing.


Your welcome, Naoma. Fortunately, I live next to farmlands, so we get to see a lot of them all year round.


There use to be hundreds of Meadowlarks when I was about 5-10. Went back to my old stomping grounds when I moved back to Utah, and all the fields that was farm land when I was young is now residential. I miss the song of the Meadowlark. Thanks for the memories. 0829-Naoma


I think they are all down here, now, chickie! Although they migrate, some live here year round.


Very nice closeup of it jcarroll. Don't hear them as much as back in the 60's.


Always heard of meadow larks but never seen one .... thanks