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Ducks and Loons - Just Hangin Out

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Wonderful story, Texas!!! I can picture the two of you trying to round up 12 cute little ducklings with the parent ducks yelling at you the whole time. How wonderful that you took them safely to a lake. Did you take pictures? Thanks again for the great story!


Got so caught up in my story I forgot to say thanks, nice puzzle, Cevas!


Several years ago, a duck couple like this took up residence in my yard. I'd go out to get the newspaper every day and have to step in their love notes, and their quack, quack, quacking. Then they got so I thought they were going to attack me when I went out. Come to find out, they had eggs that hatched in the flowerbeds among the bushes! Me and a friend gathered them all up (which was no small feat, about 12 of them!) and took them out to the middle of the lake in a canoe and dropped them off!


Thanks, Suzy. Yes, it was a Saturday so I guess there was less stress.
Hi Chickie. Thank you for both comments !!


And I like the colored leaves floating in the water among them. Thanks cevas and I like your new avatar.


Good buddies, just floating the day away.


Thanks, JC. When I took this picture I thought of you being surrounded by ducks that day! These didn't approach me they just ignored me.


Nice pictures, Cathy!


Hi laurajane and Gladstone. Thanks for your comments and extra information. I don't know much about ducks but I know that the brown ones are the females and the more colourful ones are the males !


Great to see mallard ducks, especially greenheads this time of year.


How wonderful to have these little guys around!


Actually the loons ( the smaller grey ones with the black heads ) are asleep !