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Flower Parade

21 pieces
70 solves
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Well I'm glad you asked me for it Hanne, everyone seems to like it.


It was the one we saw, Ank!! All the way through!! It is formidable!!


Thanks Graciela, Mimi PG and Jacques. I'm glad you like it. PG I like bare bears best.


mooie versierde bloemenwagen


Nice bare bears Ank.


A great looking float and one of my favorite characters. I adored the books when I was young - well, still do as a matter of fact! Thanks!!!!


I really love this parade! thanks Ank


Glad you like it girls.
More flower parade:


Prachtig mooi, Ank. Dank je voor het posten van dit leuke spektakel.
Een zeer mooi onderwerp, dit.


What I love is that there is real expression in the characters. Just brilliant!


Thanks Jan, Im glad you like it.
11mieke11 posted a flower parade float of 40 pieces. It's a beauty.


Ank, I went to the link and was amazed to discover that the floats have movement and lights, too. That first one......Klick Klick Klick had moving hands and flashbulbs in the camera! AMAZING.
These are all so huge and magnificent. Thank you so much for posting them!! WOW!!


Hi friends, I just saw that someone else did post a Flower Parade photo.
The Jigidi name is: 11mieke11
Pity it has 176 pieces, I asked her to post a small one too. Maybe you can take a look.


Thanks Sandy. The film takes a lot of time, thats pity.


More hard work making those floats with flowers. Thank you for the link. I will check it out later when I have more time. Thank you Ank.


Yes Ardy, you are right, we call him Winnie the Pooh too. The name was somewhery and did not want to come out. Thanks. Girls I'm glad you like it, and Hanne I'm glad Bent likes it too. Did you see in the first comment I posted a link. There is a you tube film of Zundert 2012.


For me this is WInnie the Pooh and friends. Thanks for sharing these, Ank. They are really wonderful.


They are terrificly charming, these huuge Peter Plyses and friends!! Thanks so very much Ank, I enjoy them VERY much!! - and so does Bent!!


Thanks Sissel Chookies and Shirley. I wish my Aussi friends a goog night, sleep well. Good afternoon Sissel I hope you will have a great day. What a lovely name Peter Plys. Sorry but the Dutch name will not come up. I'm glad you girls like the floats.


These floral characters are just magnificent, they are so big, must take many flowers to create them, Thank you Ank, so much, for posting.


Good morning, Ank. I hope you had a lovely day - we now change places and I'll join you in the morning:)

It's hard to imagine that these characters are all made out of flowers. Just brilliant!! Thanks for posting, I've been enjoying them!


Lovely - Peter Plys in danish :-)

There is a film of the parade in Zundert 2012