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Iteration 10000

54 pieces
233 solves
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(Had to allow 30 minutes for my laughter to subside before I could respond) Hmmmm, L, you scare me, lol! What on earth are you talking about?! Have you been chewing on Jarrah leaves?! Cantor and Koch? ..... a Simon and Garfunkel replacement perhaps?.... Aand what's with the hieroglyphics? Are Simon and Garfield fluent in hieroglyphics?.. I used to date a guy who is now a professor of languages. He knows hieroglyphics and is fluent in 26 languages, Anyway, digressed for a minute..... 6 kids with no shoes?? ..... are you in Tennessee?


Wait just a cotton pickin' minute here good buddy.... I only counted 9,999 iterations.... I think someone owes us a refund....

Please excuse me if I repeat myself, but last time I was at the Iteration Convention, you know the one sponsored by Cantor and Koch, the iterative examples had only reached 21,001... Of course they were using an out dated escape time.... Of: {C}= M \cup M^c

I suppose if you use the level set method of:
L_n= \{ c : z_n \in T ~~\mbox{and} ~~ z_k \notin T ~~\mbox{where}~~ k. You could raise the iterative levels....

25,000, Good Buddy? I'll be on it.... Got both my shoes off and six neighbor kids sitting on the couch barefoot.... So iterate away..... :) :)


Oh, L will croak! I created one today with 25,000 iterations. It took over 2 and a half hours to create. Hmmmmm, I may have reason to,worry about my phone bill this month as I made this on my Tab, lol. You'll need and umbrella for the drool, dear one! ... :-)


Thanks, PJ. The reality is that I don't know enough about the mathematics of fractals to form an intelligent sentence! I merely click here and there and chose colors, lol! I'm so glad you thought it was wonderful, my friend!


A mere ten thousand iterations? Gracious me, L is going to flip out when she sees this one! I hope she doesn't try to emulate it... her old laptop will have conniptions LOL. It's bad enough having it clogged up with drool :-))

Excellent creations, dearest Jillia. Well worth the 45 minutes wait time!
Hugs, T

PS Like PJ, I will not ask about the maths... I would not understand either :-)


This is a most wonderful puzzle Jill, beautiful colors and exciting design. This is a very different mathematical repetition than the other Iteration puzzle. I really should not ask, I would probably not understand the answer.


There is a beautiful fractal under "lorilaidlaw"who joined Jigidi today.


You are most welcome, Shirley! It took about 45minutes for this one to create itself, lol!


I Love it Jill, especially the raised center of the swirl, very pretty, Thanks Jill.


Thank you, Francine! I'm glad that you liked it. ... :-)


Quite enjoyed this. Thanks.