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Christmas Star (Smaller)

49 pieces
185 solves
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Thanks so much, Mandy! I don't know why that combination of colors is so effective, compared to any others I try, but I'm glad it works, for whatever reason! I hope you have a peaceful week, filled with lots of great puzzles! :-)))


This is so wonderful Pat, I love the shading of the blurple colours, and I hoping that as I have a fairly quiet week I will be able to do your big one too... it's bookmarked with anticipation :~)


You're very welcome, Gail and Francine. Good old blurple has made me many friends over the last few months! Which reminds me, grandmapegs was the one who named that combination of colors that, and I haven't seen her in a long time. I hope she's okay...

Thanks again! I hope you had a great day yesterday!


Good one. Thanks Pat. (3:09)


Gorgeous and well worth the wait (even if I sampled the preview-teehee). I love these colors, Pat. Thank you.


Thanks so much, Katie, Barb, Ardy, roseheather, June, Ank, and Francine! I really loved this, and I'm so glad my friends do, too! I wish you all a wonderful, joyous, and love-filled holiday and New Year! :-)))


Fantastic colours and design. Bookmarking it for later. Thanks.


Wow, this is a beauty, thanks Pat.


here it is at last and it's lovely and christmassy


Beautiful, PD. The colors in this star are perfect! ; )


Pat, this is beautiful. Ever since I previewed it the other day I wanted something to share with you. Here is a puzzle just for you and anyone of your friends who care to follow the link. I have not published this - at least not yet, maybe some day. I'm hoping it will be a gift of happy memories of a favorite place. Merry Christmas with love. Ardy


I agree with Katie - you have used my favourite colours to create a beautiful star! Thanks, Pat, and have a very Happy Christmas! Thanks for all the lovely puzzles you've shared with us. :-)


Hi Pat, this is a most beautiful blurple star!!!