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Nesting Flowers

48 pieces
81 solves
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Diane, you are a dear!!!!! Have fun browsing and feel free to come back at any time!!!!!!!!!

\I am looking at your old puzzles and am having pleasure looking at them,not necessarily solving them because that takes SO LONG for me. Thank you. DIANE FROM N.J.


Why thank you ever so much Kirsten!!!!! I never know what I will end up with LOL I have found that a lot of times I can work on one particular image for quiet some time and in the end, still not be happy with it. Then a day or so later, I will grab that image and give it another twirl, twist, or splatter and suddenly it will pop LOL


I adore your images Kathy! The colours and textures are amazing!! And the clarity you get in your images is just plain fantastic!! Thanks so much. :)))


PJ, sometimes I just can not come up with a good title LOL Glad you enjoyed it though!!!!!!


Glad that you liked the blue flowers Mandy :-)


Kathy, I have grown hollyhocks only twice I think. I got some seed many many years ago from one of my Aunts, who has since passed away. They were beautiful!!!!! Don't remember having any that beautiful color though.

Sounds like you are off to a good start with the retirement!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!


What a neat idea Kathy! Such a lovely puzzle - never heard of nesting flowers, how fun.


Those blue flowers are such a gorgeous colour!!! Thanks Kathy.


Talk about a pretty one for a holiday card, this one would be great, thanks for stopping by my place and your very nice comments. We have had a couple of snows this fall but just rain lately - the bird house was from last spring. Those were hollyhocks, have them planted on the side of the house and they take over everything, will have to thin again next spring, sure enjoy them though. I am newly re-tired so maybe I will have time for that fun stuff now. Kathy P.