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All Colors, All the Time... [Part II]

36 pieces
58 solves
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You are very welcome, Kathy. I so appreciate your taking the time to let me know. So many people solve puzzles and never comment.


Gail, love the bright colors!!! Thanks for the fun solve :-) Kathy


Jeez Louise, it was only 36 pieces, fer cryin' out loud! And, gosh golly gee, you're so sweet to say that about me and my puzzles. Which wins ~ me or my puzzles?


This WAS a toughie, Gail. You're a cruel, cruel* woman!! Lucky you're so darned lovable!! LOL And also lucky your puzzles are so darned gorgeous!!

I admit though, that you were merciful to post it in a smaller size. :-PPP


And you're still there, Deborah.
Thanks, Hester.
Too difficult for me to even contemplate, even at this size.


Wow! This one is a real waker upper Gail! Fun, fun, fun!


Well I'll be damned, I actually ended up on your board. Go figure that one. I gotta say, this one is a brain teaser...keeps the juices flowing!


Thanks so much, Gwen and Deborah. Deborah, you might be on the board shortly, and you'll probably stay there for a little while. Bask in your glory while you can!


Before I even start to solve this one, let me say it's gorgeous and I'll never show up on your board! LOL, I'm still going to have fun (and probably a BIT of frustration) doing it. Thanks Gail!


What can I say except "WOW"