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89 solves
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Thanks Edie, I'm pleased you had fun. We had to work in cubicles when I was at 6th form... it's been a long time since I remembered that!! LOL!

Thanks Raini - I did have fun with the colours! :~)


I adore these colours ~ You chose a fabulous palette for a fun puzzle! Thanks very much Mandy! :-)))


Fun to solve Mandy. Glad I never had to work in a cubicle, don't know if I could have handled that. Thanks


Thanks flaslk, I'm glad you had fun :~)

Thanks Jan - it's good to know you had a fun solve, and I notice I wasn't the only pastel puzzle producer today, I wonder what was in the Jigidi water!! Nice time!

Thanks Willy, it's so nice to know you had fun solving this one, and to see you're on the board. I notice you posted a pastel puzzle too today :~))


I love cubes the are always a fun to solve, I am always not to slow on your puzzles Mandy 3:42 is pretty good for me, thank you alot,
Willy. :-DDD


You seem to be in a pastel mood, Mandy! They are lovely blocks! Extremely fun solve, too! Thanks so much! 3:03

Fun puzzle...thanks for posting.