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A colourful fountain, translucent feathers, crescent moons ????...Whatever it may be enjoy yourself :)) I

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Hello Kathy, I'm happy you like the image, this was from the first time I really tried to draw something myself, it isn't a very good drawing but I must admit that the colours came out nice.
Your comment is the second time I come across you today :)) I saw Mandy posting this morning and there I saw one of your comments and I went over to your place to see what you have been doing lately. Every time I go there I leave very impressed because you are creating really beautiful work, I'm sorry that I just don't have the time to solve and comment but over the last few weeks I hardly had time to do the posting and commenting and one or two puzzles once in a while.
It was nice to see you and I love what do, you have come a long way from your first kaleido.


Dagmar this is an absolute WOW!!!!!!! So beautiful and gorgeous. The colors......the beautiful background. Very very done on your part. I love it!!!!!

Like Mary, it reminds me of the NBC logo but yours is an original on Jigidi by you which makes it special!!!!! Thank you for working your magic :-)))))))))


It's good to know that you enjoyed yourself, MaryNolan, and I looked up the NBC peacock and it really looks like this. :))
Thanks for dropping by, it's always nice to see your smile around here. :)))


After everybody agreeing on the feathers, feathers they will be, but I still fancy Roerick3's palmtrees for a rest at the beach. :))
Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment, Gail and you are always welcome. :))


Thanks for such an enthusiastic comment, Mandy, and I'm very happy that you liked the design, It all started with one "feather" and me not knowing what to do with it, LOL, and that's the result of the one feather experiment. :))


Hi Ardy, I also missed "seeing" you during the weekend, but I although I solved some long overdue bookmarks on Saturday, I didn't have the time to get into Jigidi on Sunday. Weekdays are busy because of work and weekends because of the family, the time in Jigidi always has to be found at quiet times between. :))
Now that you mention it, it really looks like a peacock with all its feathers spread out.
Thanks for your visit and have an nice Tuesday when you read this. :))


Thank you very much for your enthusiatic comment, Foxymoron, I'm very pleased that you liked the image. I have been admiring your work from afar for a long time, but sadly I just don't have enough time for any more puzzles or comments and Jigidi is still so full of wonderful work, like yours, that I never have the time to comment on.
Thanks for dropping by. :))


I like the image of a palm tree swaying genly in the breeze, Roerick3, and I would love to be lying underneath it just now with a good book and something nice to drink and not heading straight back to work after answering the comments. :)) Thanks for your visit and the wonderful picture you conjured up.:))


Sorry for such a late answer Kirsten but yesterday was bit chaotic up to the end and I was to tired at night even to answer lovely comments. I have steeled myself to face the working week, but it really started hard so I can't wait for it to end (and it's only Tuesday morning LOL) I'm sorry to hear that your holidays are drawing to an end, but I do hope that you will have a good start with work and that your weekend also comes quickly. The first week after the holidays always is the worst.
I really enjoyed your visits here every morning, but I'm the first to understand about not having time. :))
I like your rooster tail-feathers suggestion it really fits with the image. For you it must be nearly time to post so I want to wish you a wonderful evening and a good start at work tomorrow. :))


Why, it's the NBC peacock! How beautiful! 5:44 Thanks, Dagmar!


Well, gorgeous is what came to my mind, too! It looks to me like feathery plumes on top of a bird's head or maybe its tail. Thank you for a fun puzzle, Dagmar.


This is absolutely gorgeous Dagmar, I love your choices of colours and the overall design - it's beautiful :~)


I thought peacock when I first saw this. Gorgeous is the operative word for this one. Love the rainbow colors in the feathers and the muted watercolor ones in the background. Thanks Dagmar. Missed you over the weekend.


May I add a third gorgeous? No other word seems more apt for this beauty :-) Thank you, Dohun.


I see a peacock or a colored palm waving in a gentle breeze. And I agree with random--it's gorgeous. Thank you.


It's gorgeous, that's what it is!! Well, okay, maybe it's Rooster tail-feathers too, but they're gorgeous ones!! Thanks so much Dagmar. I hope you had a fun time at the mountains, and have steeled yourself to face the working week! :-DDD

Speaking of which, just to let you know, I'm back at work on Wednesday. And have lots of errands to run today tomorrow. So you'll be seeing a bit less of me from here forward. Dammitall. I love being on hols, and having all the time in the world to visit my friends and do their marvellous puzzles.