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Silk Ties!! ~ Medium

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I'm so glad you had fun, Pat. That's what it's all about. :)))


Gone as far as I will go for now. Enjoyed solving thanks


Hmmmm. I thought that was the case too, Robbie. Don't think I'll be going back there in a hurry, although our food was pretty nice. But there's no need to go to the same place twice anyway. As you've seen from the extensive research you've done for me (LOL), there are plenty of good eating places here. I'll be exploring some more of them on the week-end, which is when my other sister and a friend will be coming down. Up until then, I'm happy to cook for myself at home. It's cheaper too! And I need some savings, 'cos paying the rent on your own (Duncan couldn't come on this holiday), is quite expensive! The apartment is not at the luxury end of the scale, although I really like it, but it's still cost $1850 for the 2 weeks! That's a lot for one! At least I think so. And if you don't think so, I think I need to ask you for a loan! 'Cos you're obviously quite wealthy!! LOL!!!!


Kirsten that is not good to hear about the restaurant. If the seafood is fresh, there should never be a fishy smell and definitely not in your clothes the next day! You should never have an unpleasant odor at a restaurant or seafood shop, that puts you right off!


Oh my goodness, Dagmar! It's nearly midnight your time!! And it's nearly 10 am my time, so not so early. But I was up at about 7 am. I find it's easier when I go back to work, to not get into the habit of going to bed really late, and getting up late. Otherwise my first week back at work is a lot like getting used to daylight savings time. Not fun. And the time zone differences are so strange, aren't they? To know that we are conversing while you are in Monday (just!), and I'm in Tuesday, is weird!! Anyway, sleep well my friend, and I'll see you on your tomorrow, and my evening. :)))


I just saw that you are online again, how can you get up so early being on holiday LOL, I would be sleeping at least for another hour LOL

I only want to wish you a good morning and a wonderful Tuesday. And for me it's good night and off to bed because it's awfully late again :)) See you again your evening, my morning :)) I really love these time differences you are already in my tomorrow and I'm still in your yesterday LOL

But now definitely good morning/night before it gets worse :))


Oh, whew. I was worried that I had upset you, Mariasha. You know - a nag too far! I'm so relieved. Thanks for clarifying, I feel much better now. :)))

Oh no, it's not that...just have a lot more stuff that needs my limited time and offense at all.


Sorry Mariasha. You don't sound very happy at my mentioning it. I won't again.

Not right now.


Thanks Jan! I really liked the idea of kaleido-ing silk ties, but once I got started discovered there wasn't that much colour variety out there. There's a lot of blue! And most of the images were a bit small for my kaleido maker too - so they didn't fill it. Which just looks all wrong, and I would never post. So what started out as a good idea, didn't reap many rewards. I only ended up with about 15 kaleidos, and no clear groupings among them. Drats!! But I think I can scrape another 2x2 out of the softer shades I got, and that might be it. Oh, well. I guess that's the way the kaleido cookie crumbles!! LOL

And you put in a vote for the bottom right! That's the first so far. I personally love the top right. The 3D'ness and depth that came through in that one, I was really rapt with. Given that it's out of your control, it's always a thrill when those kinds of things come through. Anyway, blah, blah, blah. I should shut up now. I'll just finish with, as always, I'm really pleased you like it. And I AM having a great hol! :)))


I think ties are much better kaleido'd than worn too Robbie!! LOL.

And thanks for the research!! You make me laugh, but in a good way. You know - with fondness! The Maple Tree did get a ood write up which is why we went to it. And the food was good. The only downside is that it clearly served a lot of seafood. And when we arrived we noticed that it smelt very much like fish frying. And then when we smelt our clothes the next day, we noticed they smelt the same. Eeuuuwww. LOL But I'll check out what they say about the Bellbrae, and see. You never know! Thanks again, my personal researcher!! :)))


What a great story, Mariasha! You are soooo crafty and clever. (I mean crafty in a good way!). I'm so glad you enjoyed my ties. :)))

And I can't let this moment pass without asking whether you would consider buying a digital camera (yes, again), and posting some pics of your wonderful works? :)))


Kirsten, I have tried to kaleido ties a couple of different times and had absolutely no success. So, I appreciate this puzzle even more! What wonderfully rendered kaleidos these are. I especially like the lower right and the one above it. They are just gorgeous! Thanks so much!
Happy vacay!!


What a sporty puzzle Kirsten, so shiny and thankfully does not resemble a tie in my eyes!! I haven't worn one in a few years and I hope never to wear one again! I rather like your pink, black and gold platter upper left with the black bowl in the middle filled with blue lobster roe and a golden limpet shell as decoration. The Maple Tree Restaurant sounds interesting and has a good write-up. Sometime if you are looking for a special meal the Bellbrae near Torquay sounds really good. About a 40 minute drive from you, it sits in 15 acres of beautiful grounds. Probably expensive, so for a special occasion I would think. Thanks for the fun.

I love how those came out. When I was in college (the second time around), I helped finance it by painting on silk, having that fabric made into ties and selling them to the faculty. You can really see the ties in the bottom left one. Fun puzzle, thanks!