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Andersonville Depot, Andersonville, GA

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This depot was relocated to Andersonville from Taylor Co., GA, to serve as a Welcome Center and Museum. It dates from the early 1900s. During the Civil War, hundreds of US POWs were transported to Ft. Sumter at Andersonville where many of them died and are buried. Andersonville hosts a National Historic Site and cemetery, A stockade recreation and the National POW Museum.


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There were several large prison camps with poor conditions. That is one of the reasons there was a prisoner exchange but that exchange was halted for a time and most prisoners suffered terribly. Andersonville had no barracks and only a tiny stream for water. The stream was polluted resulting in many cases of disentary which killed many men. One of my kin suffered, died and is buried there, Reese Bayless. He left behind a wife and children. Henry Wirz, the commander of Camp Sumter, was the only prison commander to be executed for his cruel treatment and poor command of the Andersonville prison. There is a monument to him in the town of Andersonville. Much of the hardship was beyond his ability to alleviate but the lack of food, clean water and shelter was probably the worst prison conditions during the war.


we visited Andersonville about 15 years ago, the last time I was with my dad. We went through the museum with the poignant photos, and saw the land where the prisoners were kept. It's a visit that will stay with me forever. How people could do this to others is something I will never understand.