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Two Pileated Woodpeckers in my Maple Tree

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These were at least 40 ft up and it was near sundown. Three often visit late in the day to hunt for bugs under the bark. They really do sound like Woody Woodpecker when they fly.


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I think you are right about the male being on the right. I have found a couple photos where you can see a bit of his red topknot. I'll try to find the best one to make you a puzzle.
One time he flew past me, about 10 feet away, and landed about 4 or 5 feet above the ground on a nearby tree. He was so close I could see his big eye and those red feathers blowing in the wind. He caught me gaping at him and took off again.


Oh, I wish I could see them more clearly, I'll bet they are so beautiful! Is it a male and a female? The one on the right looks to be bigger!


LOL laurajane and mamere haven't been here yet. Today was my lucky day!

Thank you chickiemama, gnt1041 and franneke. Glad you all enjoyed it.
gny1041, I wish I could take a lot of credit, but I really got lucky. The screen on my digital camera is sooooo small I could hardly tell what I was focusing on. I just kept snapping until they took off. I have one other I will share another day.
It is good to hear you enjoy a challenge, franneke.
chickiemama seems to be on "rails" or "greased skids" most days. Maybe she has extreme hand-eye coordination. Sso tough to even get near her on the board.

After this puzzle you should call yourself Mindbender. I struggled.
Enjoyed it though. Great image.


very nice pic angel :) and wow chickie u so fast LOL


Wow! Lucky you!